Worrior Woman

To the woman holding on to nothing, just to have a little something.

To the woman surrounded by many and still is so alone.

To the woman who has the most jokes and is the funniest, yet the darkest and most sorrowful inside.

To the woman who sees a thunderstorm as a reason for a rainbow to develop.

To the woman who doesn’t have daddy issues, but wants his likeness in a man to be her lifelong companion…but only finds false relationships instead.

To the woman who feels defective and broken.

To the woman who is neglected and overlooked.

To the woman who fears nothing but everything.

To the woman, staring back in the mirror.

To that Woman who just heard rumors about You in Church

To that woman, who’s wondering why so many hateration from other women because of You standout.

To that woman who was sexually molested by the men whom were supposed to protect her and no one else knew but she’s living with the painful memories and nightmares.

To that Mom who gives all to get nothing back from the ones, she’s slaving for.

To that woman that cries her self to sleep, hoping for a better tomorrow.

To that woman struggling to catch up with the ever-changing fashion trends but no finance.

Yes to that Sister, Mom or Girl. I need You to know that You are not alone

You’ve come too far to give up.

I stand to call You #WORRIOR #WOMAN.

#Wespeaklife #thelifeofJesus

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