Unexpected Pregnancy in Marriage Crashed my Big Dreams.

I was 22yrs old, fresh from College had big dreams, got my dream job, had my dream love relationship, living very excitedly happy, full of life.

Then He proposed! He asked me to marry him. Yes! Yes! Yes! I screamed, hopping and puffing, running around showing off the engagement ring. It was like a fairy tale. Forever after kind of love. He loves me beyond himself, adores me like a pearl. I said yes because If not him, then Who?

Months later, We got Married. I could remember every older woman that came to my wedding touched my stomach and said, BE FRUITFUL, and each would give me that look like, ” Hey! Say Amen!! And I would. I didn’t really pay attention to their prayers, because the part of Nigeria where I came from, childbearing was the original knot for your marriage, not the altar or love. No child, no home.

Two Months after the Wedding, I missed my period. I was confused! I never have, but I decided not to worry about it. At the end of the third Month I woke up feeling funny, sick and discombobulated, I couldn’t even get up for my precious dream job. Then hubby arranged for medical attention asap.

What????? What do you mean??? Not now!! I’m not ready for this!! I have my life planned!! How am I gonna do this!! I’m not ready to be a mom! Oh! No! No way Doctor? These were my exact words to the Doctor, who was a friend of my husband, he was shocked at my response, he was disappointed, thought it was a good news, but heck no! It wasn’t for me at 22yrs old. Hubby was jubilating but I was sad, very sad and I was faking joy.

Oh, my World! I thought about my big dreams and how It would all crash because of this child. Everyone was happy but me.

I was afraid of being a Mom, wasn’t ready, didn’t know how to, my mind wasn’t prepared, had planned it for 3years later, but it came almost immediately. Many nights I would sit up and cry myself to sleep.

I had to quit my dream job to care for my unborn child, because the nature of my job does not permit pregnancy, especially in Africa.

I started my entrepreneurial Journey, became self-employed, things went down, I downsized. I was sad throughout the pregnancy.

Until the 21st of September, I opened my eyes on the hospital bed to the most beautiful face of Hope, of joy, of greater Glory. My beautiful daughter was placed in my arms. Then she made a baby sound and said Hello mom!

Oh Wow! My entire life changed, it was like I heard her saying, mom it’s gonna be ok, your dreams just began, strong and better. I had a 360degrees turn around a glorious life.

Oh! I was wrong! Being a mom is priceless.

This child came with so much favor, my dreams began to experience clarity and divine direction, my business boomed so much, I thought I lost a good job, but now, I’m my own Boss. See !! We plan, but God is the Master Planner.

It’s like she came with a host of Angels. Ever since her coming into our home, our lives have forever been super Favored and blessed.

Now to that Young Mom out there, feeling sad like my old self, don’t Worry, that child will bring you blessings. I know it may seem like your entire life is on pause right now. No hon. It’s actually not. You are gathering momentum, you will excel. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my 9months of depression, but I had God.

I talked to God, I prayed to God, He heard me, He sent me an Angel to re-assure me of His hand upon my life.

Yes, Jesus Loves You. He sees your secret tears, those nights you cried yourself to sleep.

Hang-on Sis. These days shall pass. You are an over-comer.

I’m Jemimah Chuks. I’m here for you. If you ever need a sister shoulder to lean on. Your story might be a little different but God knows it all. Feel free to contact me.

I Would like to pray for you and just love on you a little bit.  Looking forward to hearing from You.  Stay focused, be blessed


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