There’s a Ram in the Bush for You

Uuuuh Yeah! It’s a brand New Year. Great plans, goals, visions, aspiration with countless dreams. It’s easy to find your self in this great beautiful blue sea, right on the balcony of a Carribean Cruise, sipping your motivational wine of Hope, admiring the fishes hopping up and down the sea, then You say to your self ” What a beautiful Idea this is”. Then You begin to thank God for such a great inspirational thought that can transform your entire life.

Great energy and good vibes of passion sprout up within You, just like a beautiful blossoming Sunflower. Then You say to your self “yes! Let’s go there!”

Then all of a sudden, You felt that heavy wind, shake Your boat which causes You to stagger for balance.

You hear that loud voice in your mind asking that dreadful question ” What if” ……. it continues to birth more toxic offsprings like; What if You fail, what if it doesn’t work, what if she/he says No!

Now that’s what I’m talking About!

I call that voice/question “Destiny Challenger”.It’s a strong weapon of the enemy against You fulfilling Your great assignment on earth. Each time you want to move from baby steps to a higher level, it pops that question. This brings some kind of fear that causes You to subconsciously step back from great dream of possibility.

Have You ever wondered why the “What if’s” are not positive?

They are always giving You 10,000 reasons why You CAN’T DO IT, can’t be great, can’t recover from that This voice of the wicked, goes as far as providing You fake evidence, by pointing out the people around You who failed woefully attempting to run through that greatness Lane.

Guess what? Yes! yes! yes! yes! YOU CAN.

As many times as it provides You with those negatives, just flip it through the blood of the LAMB(Jesus) Rev 12:11, this helps to cut it off. Because on the other side of the flip is uncountable reasons why YOU CAN and this is written in the word of God. John 1:29

What does the word say ! concerning the Will of God for You? This is all that matters.

So this 2018. Guide up Your Loins with the Word of Truth.

Always be in the guide! over your mind.

Recognize that, there is a great Lamb that already paved way for Your greatness through the sacrifice of HIS life on the cross of Calvary for You. Greatest Love. John 15:13

You are not permitted to fail!

Continuous Victory is part of Your last name.

Remember it’s the battle of the Mind, the word of God is Your ever Reliable weapon.

Once the Heart Is righteously WILLING, God always provides a Ram in the bush for You. So fear NOT! Gen 22:13.

Love from.

Jemimah Chuks.

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