The Seed of Greatness



There is something inside You, that keeps on calling out the deeper side of You, even when You give up in life and all hope seems lost. Suddenly You see the Sun rising Again from the inside, it sometimes feels like You are drawing strength from that inner sunshine.

This is called the seed of Greatness, a special gift from God to every man. It’s a channel through which God manifests HIS powers, regardless of your religious beliefs. As long as a man lives, this seed never dies. It could witness some stunts but still alive. The most exciting part of this seed is that when You find the true source, it begins to germinate and this connection to God causes it to grow into the glorious life tree. The more You seek to know God, the more Your seed of Greatness(which is now a tree) blossoms to produce fresh fruits and eventually re-sown into new soils as seeds(soul winning) for the Kingdom.

Everyone has the seed of Greatness inside them, but what would make Yours stand out tall regardless of the environment, is Your connection to the TRUE source(God).

Are You Connected? Connect now and Experience life from the Eyes of the creator.

..Jemimah Chuks.

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