The Cost of True Freedom is Bloodshed

The truth is that Freedom is actually not free. It demands a costly price, without which bondage is a sure reality.

Today We remember a great Man Martin Luther King Jr. Who decided to sacrifice His entire life for the freedom of everyone with African descent now enjoys in America. It is remarkable a history that people of color can walk side by side, sit in the same classroom and most of all be allowed to lead in an organization that has whites. All because one man decided to put his life in the line to call forth His dream into reality.

For this great freedom that we now enjoy in America, thousands of Our black brothers, sisters, and Children where being treated less than animals and murdered in cold blood.

The present Good life America is currently enjoying was built by the black slaves, who worked tirelessly in the cotton plantations, farms all kinds of places, day and night with physical, emotional wounds of pain in their hearts, never-ending tears in their eyes.

Husbands watching their Wives being raped and beaten with heavy sticks, mom’s watching their newborn babies snatched from their suckling breast with no hope of reunion, young black brothers being hanged to death because they looked at a white woman.

This freedom is not free!!!. Someone got sick and tired of getting sick and tired and decided to start a positive change revolution by speaking up.

Martin Luther King Jr. Is indeed a great legend today because He fought for the freedom of blacks with no physical weapon. He fought with the truth, sensitizing his people about their rights to coexist with the whites. This war, I call THE GREAT AWAKENING!

The minds of the blacks woke up, suddenly they realized that the black man was made to believe He’s an animal, has no place in the same society with the whites. They realized that they have been violated for too long. The fire was kindled, every black mind began to experience the great awakening. With hearts knitted together, blacks stood up with a unanimous voice to speak against #SLAVERY.

Oh! How sweet and loud is the voice of Unity, that the firmament of the earth stands still and even the Heavens honors this voice. This unified minds kept speaking and today, although their bodies are no more but their words came alive.

Today We honor every Black slave that died in the pursuit of this freedom.

We Honor every Black mom that cried herself to sleep after her son was falsely accused and hung.

We Honor all black maids that had no choice but allowed violation from their masters.

We Honor all our black brothers (FREEDOM FIGHTERS) that were killed during the rallies and demonstrations.

We Honor all our black leaders that teamed up with Marin Luther King Jr. during the Great Struggle.

We are free today because You all decided to be selfless.

Remember! True Freedom costs real Blood. As a black man, You are free today because someone chose to die in Your place.

#Blacklove #Blackpower #together we win.

#Melanin is bae.


Don’t be ashamed to Tell your Children the Truth about their History.

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