He woke up horny.

He started touching his wife on her breasts.

He flipped her over. Got on top of her.

He started kissing her, but she seemed not interested.

He turned his game up. Kissed her on her neck as he spread her legs. She looked off.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Us,” she said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I thought you loved our sex. I am faithful to you, I don’t cheat” he told her.

“I do. You sex me good. But marriage is more than sex. It is not enough to be faithful, marriage needs to have depth, substance; not centered around sex. I don’t want us to be two empty souls that are faithful to each other.

We had it, we used to have depth. I want us to talk, to laugh, to pray, to date again even in our marriage, to cuddle, to make memories, to play with our children, to travel and see the world, to debate on topics like we used to, to play a sport, to go for concerts, to have intimacy in our marriage.

What we currently have is not marriage, but a sexual arrangement. Sex is just not enough” she lamented.


“Ouch! That’s painful” said he.

“The painful truth,” said she.

He started stroking her hair gently and said, “You are right. Things changed when we got kids, life got busy I guess”

She looked at him and said, “Darling, people make time for what is important. I want to be more than the mother of your children, I am your wife, I want to feel like a wife. I want quality time with you like we used to have; not a lot, just enough.

I want to be loved and talked to. I want our time. When was the last time you stroked my hair like you are right now?”

So many wives are tired of sex in their marriage: They fake orgasms, fake headaches or exhaustion and some pretend they are on their periods just to escape having sex with their husbands because they don’t feel married.

SEX IS NOT LOVE. Connect with your spouse beyond #SEX

Jemimah Chuks.



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