Church Real Estate Financing

  • Refinance and Renovations,
  • New Construction Loans,
  • Purchase/ Acquisition Loans,
  • Nationwide Financing for all Denominations,
  • Aggressive Current Loan,
  • Payoff Negotiation,
  • Church Equipment and Furnishing,
  • R.E.I.T Financing,
  • Bond Programs,
  • Credit Union Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • New Construction Loans
  • Credit Union Loans
  • Alternative Financing
  • Hard Money / Bridge Loans
  • Property Acquisitions
  • Expansion and Renovation Loans
  • Special Use Building Financing
  • Joint Ventures Participation Lending.

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Jemimah Chuks

A BRAND STRATEGIST & SERIAL Entrepreneur, a Life Coach & INSPIRATIONAL Blogger, MEDIA PERSONALITY, EVENT ANCHOR And a Keynote Speaker who understands balance in career, ministry and family.

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