Master Brand Strategist | Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 | Public Speaking Contest Certified Judge.

Jemimah Chuks is a powerful business activator whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

Jemimah is a contagious enthusiastic woman, with extraordinary energy, dedication, creativity, and innovative skills, which encouraged her to launch into the television and blogging business. Jemimah is the Talk show hostess for TJSHOW, as well as the lead blogger for thejemimahshow.com, an inspirational hub, international news blog which continues to evolve.
She is a real estate investment agent.

Jemimah does not just set out ambitious goals, rather she inspires people to deliver. She’s been nominated for so many awards, recognition, as well as won numerous to her credit, one of which is the ACHI Entrepreneur of the Year Award DE 2018. In March she won 5 trophies from the Toastmasters speech contest.

Jemimah Chuks is a dynamic leader and business activator, author, speaker and marketer.

Certificates And Nominations