Finding Fulfilment in Life

Finding Fulfillment in Life – Don’t Give Up!

Luke 12:15
And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

Don’t Give Up!

People who end up winning in life are those who chose never to give up on their bid to reach for a better life. ‘Quitters never win and winners never quit’ – Napoleon Hill.

Don’t give up! You will not die before you manifest.

The issue is that sometimes, no matter how hard you fight things won’t just add up. In times like this, be easy on yourself; take time to rehearse your next move, then give your dream another shot – that’s the idea.

The concept of not giving up is giving yourself another chance to try and give life another shot until you hit the right target.

How not to give up:
1. Be yourself
Failure starts at the corridor of imitation. ‘Immitation is limitation’ – John Mason.

Find your uniqueness and magnify that. What you magnify is what you manifest.

Stop trying to be who you are not.

Be yourself!

2. Stay positive
Believe you can win even when nobody gives you a chance.

Sharpen your skills and it will shapen your destiny.

3. Choose what you know best
You can’t do everything. Know your core competence and impose yourself there.

What do you feel wired for? Now that’s your major – strengthen that.

4. Keep fighting
You need a fighting spirit, not a failing spirit. God didn’t create you to fail.

Fight for your life!

5. Turn on the tap!
Flexibility is the language of improvement.

Switch! Be upwardly flexible. Life is about ‘add-ons and adds ups’.

Add value! The surest way not to give up is to add up in value.

The ultimate point is: whatever happens, don’t give up on GOD!

You will no more be discouraged or disappointed in Jesus name. AMEN.

Credit: Pastor Ajisefe.

Jemimah Chuks.

T.v. Presenter.

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