Dream, Prepare, then await Manifestion.

When I was single, I admired some romantic young couples, from the way they do everything together, especially how they openly Express affection.
Coupled with all the endless Mills and Boons I read!

Oh! How I longed to fall in love
How I longed to be held by him!
How I longed to come home into his arms!
Who’re arms, you may ask! HIM!
That fantasy cutest dude in my head!

I began to pray, fast, sow and attended single/married conferences, just to get ready for him.
I would look my best at all times.
I even practiced some sexy moves to catch his undivided attention 🤩
I learned how to comport myself like a #queen 👑👸

Oh! I waited! Long nights of sweet dreams!
Days of Daydreaming! Precious memories!

One day! Just one day! He came along!
Guess what!
He’s that exact fantasy dude! Even more cute in physical.

Though I was very young at age, my mind, body, and heart were ready to be ravished in his loving arms!

Yes! I prepared!
I was ready!

WHEN the anticipated future came, it embraced me.

How about You?

That great future you desire, if it shows up now, do you think you are really ready?
Can you cope with the pressure that comes with greatness?

You still have a chance to rewrite your destiny.

Please do it now!

Your friend in the school of Success

Jemimah Chuks.

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