Develop Your Mind


As a Young Child I noticed that every November, I had outgrown most of my favorite dresses and shoes. Most of which was so hard to part with. Sometimes, I would keep them in my clothing box, hoping for a future miracle to make them fit my continual increasing body size.

Although mom made sure I got better new clothes, yet I held on to the Old Ones. Not because they were cute but because I had formed a bond with them as a result of the beautiful compliments and glory they attracted in the past. Forgetting that the new ones could do much more.

I also realized that as long as I held on to the old, I never could appreciate the beauty of the new, regardless of all the great complements it attracted in the season.

This might be Your story. Are You holding on to your past positive achievement and not creating room in your mind for the new?

It’s all in the #mind

  • Develop Your Mind daily with potential fertilizers of life. So that it can absorb life’s beauty.
  • Pay attention to the pattern of Your thought.
  • You must clear off expired emotional affiliations and make room for contemporary associations.
  • Your Mind is the powerhouse of your life, be intentional about guarding it.
  • You can never outgrow your mind, but You can outgrow your environment through great imaginations.
  • Build up the capacity to absorb more greatness.
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  • #thelifeofJESUS

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