Call forth the lion till it ROARS

Do You feel lost in the Crowd?

Many times, we find our selves in a world we did not create. This is often caused by the influence of culture, environmental upbringing. Which in turn shape Our worlds and we just follow a norm of the crowd.

The reason why we feel lost in the crowd is that unintentionally, We permit the crowd to sabotage our creative ability, thereby putting an imaginary limit on our better success.

If the familiar crowd is dispatched, can You gather a new?

It’s obvious that life happens, causing events to move Us from a familiar location to a new. For most people, this transition could be a good or bad move, as a result of them not being able to find old allies to motivate and cheer them towards good success. Hence they begin to experience a virtuous circle of retarded success.

Dare to be different.

You must learn to find You.

This process starts within your mind.

Shut-in, shut off all distractive external aggression to search deep inside for the lion in You.

You must continue to call it out, till you see it coming forth…

Don’t stop, keep calling…. louder..louder, till it begins to roar.

Now that loud ROAR……Stands You out. It is your signature, which begins to gather your custom multitude.

This self-discovery adventure simply builds a lasting confidence in you, and the ability to create, recreate and constantly upgrade your world of great success.

Remember that, in the cause of trying to finding You, You will lose them(some friends) but don’t worry, this will create room for a brand new higher level and the old one will become your trumpet blowers.

Decide, write down, plan and work(execute).

Your friend in the school of Success

Jemimah Chuks

Inspire Success Network


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